• Cinema tickets are sold by Golden Talkies and can be purchased by the user via the online booking system using credit/debit cards.
  • A nominal convenience fee shall be charged from each user over and above the prescribed value of the ticket. This convenience fee shall be in lieu of the convenience given to the user by Golden Talkies and shall not form a part of the value of the ticket.
  • The user must provide Golden Talkies with the correct information pertaining to the cardholders name, card type, the card number, the card expiry date and the security code on the back of the card (if any) in order to make payment to Golden Talkies. The user shall be responsible for the correctness of the information provided and shall not be indemnified if the information is wrongly entered whether intentional or unintentional.
  • The user must ensure the correctness of all details of the booking before finally booking their tickets as Golden Talkies will accept no responsibility and will not issue a refund for wrong bookings that are the fault of the user. If the user experiences problems with the booking process, they are to call the helpline number of Golden Talkies specified on the booking page. The Portal shall not cancel any bookings once the transaction is completed.
  • Once the booking has been processed, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail to their e-mail address with all the relevant details of their booking. Golden Talkies is not responsible and will not issue a refund to the user for selecting the wrong tickets or if the user does not meet the minimum age requirements for that particular film. The online booking is non transferable and cannot be further sold.
  • To collect the tickets the user must present the credit/debit card that was used to book the tickets in that particular cinema. The user has to carry the print out of the confirmation mail. The user may procure the ticket from the automatic ticket collection points or they can present the print out to the Golden Talkies representative at the ticket counter of the concerned Cineplex. The user shall also carry proof of age for movies certified 'A'.
  • Unless specified otherwise User is subscribed to Golden Talkies promotions related communication through SMS & Email.
    The booking shall be deemed to be cancelled in the following circumstances:-
  • The booking is valid only for the viewing of the film at Golden Talkies. The booking shall become valueless and non-refundable if not used on the date specified on its face.
  • If, in the opinion of a representative of the Golden Talkies, the user is in breach of these Online Booking Terms or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that it is necessary for the safety or comfort or security of other customers or for the protection of property, the representative reserves the right to refuse the entry or request the Customer to leave the multiplex and may if necessary physically remove the Customer from the multiplex or physically restrain the Customer.
  • Golden Talkies is required to abide by and enforce the age restrictions as specified by the Law for the time being in force. In the event that an authorized Golden Talkies representative is of the opinion that the user does not meet the minimum age requirement and the user cannot provide photographic proof that they are of the required age, Golden Talkies will not permit entry to that performance or film.
  • Items like laptop, cameras, knifes, lighter, match box, cigarettes, firearms and all types of inflammable objects are strictly prohibited at the premises.


Mini - Plex (MP)

Golden Talkies Features

Call it Modernize Cinema Hall or State-of-the-art Theatre. Every one of us loves watching movies. And a good movie is best enjoyed at Golden Talkies’s Miniplex. The big screen movie watching experience is always thrilling, so what are you waiting for? Experience the interactive 3D cinema concept right here, right now.

Social Function (SF)

Golden Talkies Features

Socializing makes us feel good. Socializing make us happier. Then why to stay behind.
Families as a social institution perform an array of functions in human society. Teach your toddler norms, morals, values, and ideals of society. Through socialization, Became a social man and acquire good spirit.

Family Films (FF)

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Family plays a vital role, considered the backbone of society, so celebrate some moments with family and give a new definition to family celebration…Plan the perfect family movie outing. Check out our Top/ Best list of Kids & Family movies.

Private Screening (PS)

Golden Talkies Features

Experience unforgettable private screenings with Golden Talkies. Watch movie of your choice, show screening of commercially-made films to a group of people or to invite-only audiences, feel special by showing your love to someone special through our specialized private screenings. And this is not all, here also take pleasure in get-togethers with close friends and do much more.