About Golden Talkies

Golden Talkies is unique concept of mini-plex for premiere corporate films, family films, social function or any private screenings. At Golden Talkies, we offer a mind-blowing interactive experience, with 3D adventure. This state-of-the-art theatre offers you a whole new generation of movie magic.

The concept is brought to you by Legend Group which has been serving people since 15 years. With an aim to serve people with best entertainment, Golden Talkies is the brain child of Taarun V Jain, a serial entrepreneur who has deep understanding of people's needs in India.

Golden Talkies is a modernized cinema hall wherein it balances visitor's feeling with Cinema and Multi-plex levels finely mixed into one. India's large segment of people with family broadly prefers such halls for outing and viewing cinema.


Mini - Plex (MP)

Golden Talkies Features

Call it Modernize Cinema Hall or State-of-the-art Theatre. Every one of us loves watching movies. And a good movie is best enjoyed at Golden Talkies’s Miniplex. The big screen movie watching experience is always thrilling, so what are you waiting for? Experience the interactive 3D cinema concept right here, right now.

Social Function (SF)

Golden Talkies Features

Socializing makes us feel good. Socializing make us happier. Then why to stay behind.
Families as a social institution perform an array of functions in human society. Teach your toddler norms, morals, values, and ideals of society. Through socialization, Became a social man and acquire good spirit.

Family Films (FF)

Golden Talkies Features

Family plays a vital role, considered the backbone of society, so celebrate some moments with family and give a new definition to family celebration…Plan the perfect family movie outing. Check out our Top/ Best list of Kids & Family movies.

Private Screening (PS)

Golden Talkies Features

Experience unforgettable private screenings with Golden Talkies. Watch movie of your choice, show screening of commercially-made films to a group of people or to invite-only audiences, feel special by showing your love to someone special through our specialized private screenings. And this is not all, here also take pleasure in get-togethers with close friends and do much more.